How To Register on GhostWriter

To start with GhostWriter you need to create a new account.

Click on the “TRY NOW” button on the upper right corner.

Fill out the form with your name, a valid email address, and a password so that you’ll be able to sign back into the GhostWriter platform later.

For the security of your account, this password should include at least 8 characters and an uppercase letter.

Once you’ve finished entering this information and accepting the Service Terms and Privacy Policy by checking the last box, click on the “Register” button.

To be able to continue, you’ll need to verify the email account you’ve just entered.

Go to your email’s inbox and open the email that you must have recently received from GhostWriter. If you don’t see this email in your main inbox, check your “junk,” “spam” and “other” folders, and be sure to click the “safe”, “This message is not spam”, “Send to main inbox” or any other related option once you’ve found it, so you’ll receive further emails correctly.
Then, click on the link to confirm your email address.
By clicking on this button, you’ll be redirected to the login area of the website.

Now that you are inside the GhostWriter dashboard you can start to use the different services. You can try GhostWriter by activating a free 30-days trial.

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