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If you are a digital agency:

  • dealing with B2C companies
  • specialised in social media ads
  • managing content strategy

GhostWriter.AI works for you

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Loved By Strategy Departments

GhostWriter.AI Profiler analyzes and combines data to identify your best buyer personas profiles, automatically from your data or custom according to your strategy.

GhostWriter.AI makes pulling metrics for a custom content strategy an hassle free task.

Best Friend For Ads Copywriters

GhostWriter.AI Predictor let you test your social ads before launching them.

Use only the best matching content, save time and money.

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You Will Never Run Out Of Idea Again

GhostWriter.AI Curator helps you nurturing the audience. Fill your content box of idea with fine tuned topics matching the buyer persona’s interests.

Match buyer personas as never before
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How To Measure GhostWriter.AI Results for Agencies

In a world driven by data you need data to measure performances.
Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can you adopt to measure if GhostWriter.AI is working for you?
agencies KPIs

Campaign KPIs (to be measured on new audience, not on retargeting because not comparable data):

  • reach before and after,
  • interactions before and after.

Operational KPIs:

% time taken for the A/B test before and after (including time in which numerous ads remain published but have low performance.

Download the FREE KPI document we provide to our customers!
It will help you measure your progress with GhostWriter.AI.

GhostWriter.AI Works Better If You Are...

A leading digital advertising agency that:

  • Has customers with B2C products/services
  • Has administrative rights of its customers' social networks
  • Customers’ social accounts have + 5,000 followers
  • The social account is active, people comment, and there are recent advertising activities