Are you a B2C Company?

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Wanna Take Advantages in Reaching New
Customers? Put GhostWriter.AI at work for you.

If you are a B2C company:

  • focusing on getting new clients
  • caring your brand reputation
  • looking for easy reporting to different departments

GhostWriter.AI works for you

companies meeting
companies profiler

Get knowledge on new clients

GhostWriter.AI Profiler finds the right persona profiles for your business. Maybe they love soccer, or hiking, gossip, or what else.

Open conversation on your products in a way that is meaningful to them.

Gain popularity and competitiveness

GhostWriter.AI Curator helps you to be the leader of your business with no efforts.

Get curated content based on your audience’s interests in a click. Nurture your followers with new fresh content every day.

companies curator
companies predictor

Good communication is healthy for your business

GhostWriter.AI Predictor reduces risks related to poor communications. It tells you if your text matches well with your audience and avoid popularity pitfalls.

Understand customers as never before
- get started with GhostWriter.AI

How To Measure GhostWriter.AI Results for Companies

In a world driven by data you need data to measure performances.
Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can you adopt to measure if GhostWriter.AI is working for you?
companies KPIs

Operational KPIs:

  • % time invested in global searches before and after,
  • % time and money invested in reporting before and after,
  • time life of market information before/after
  • % time spent in curate external communications

Download the FREE KPI document we provide to our customers!
It will help you measure your progress with GhostWriter.AI.

GhostWriter.AI Works Better If You Are...

A leading Company with more than 50 M$ in turnover and investing about 10% of your budget in marketing activities.

A Company that:

  • Is a B2C company
  • Have and want to keep excellent brand reputation
  • Want to personally engage with new potential customers
  • Its social accounts have + 5,000 followers
  • The social account is active, people comment, and there are recent advertising activities