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If you are a big B2C enterprise:

  • looking for being competitive
  • exploring new markets
  • launching new products

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GhostWriter.AI Profiler makes audience segmentation easy and fast. Look on the map how your global audience is distributed and get knowledge on their interests.

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GhostWriter.AI Curator let you enter your social conversations with topics that counts.. Join global conversations with no efforts.

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GhostWriter.AI Predictor tells your text success with up to 78% of accuracy. Starts on the right note and avoid costly pitfalls.

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How To Measure GhostWriter.AI Results for Enterprises

In a world driven by data you need data to measure performances.
Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can you adopt to measure if GhostWriter.AI is working for you?
enterprises KPIs

Operational KPIs:

  • % time invested in global searches before and after,
  • % time and money invested in reporting before and after,
  • time life of market information before/after

Download the FREE KPI document we provide to our customers!
It will help you measure your progress with GhostWriter.AI.

GhostWriter.AI Works Better If You Are...

A leading Enterprise with more than 100 M$ in turnover and investing at least 10% of your budget in marketing activities.

An ENterprise that:

  • Run its business with an International vision
  • Is a B2C company
  • Want to enter or at least have fresh view on global markets
  • Its social accounts have + 5,000 followers
  • The social account is active, people comment, and there are recent advertising activities