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Artificial Intelligence experts for customer conversation analysis

We are specialists in conversational analysis. We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for customer analysis.

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To identify the elements that drive sales and improve the customer experience, and make every contact profitable.


Using data analysis and the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to increase the efficiency of business processes


Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Data to make conversations engaging, meaningful and profitable

You Are My Guide helps companies get to know their customers by turning conversational data into value and continuously learning and optimising customer interaction. To do that, we have created the unique Ghostwriter AI engine.

Using Ghostwriter AI, we extract value from data. So companies can invest where it is essential and ensure meaningful experiences for their customers.

Ghostwriter AI helps companies convert data into actionable strategies and achieve successful business outcomes.

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Do you represent a company? Are you responsible for Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Open Innovation?

We will help you leverage Artificial Intelligence to achieve your goals.

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Italian Artificial Intelligence

Ghostwriter AI is the artificial intelligence engine of You Are My Guide.

Our algorithms are the result of over seven years of research and development, applications and business.

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Deep Learning, semantic understanding of meaning in Italian, English, Spanish.

Exclusive AI Customer Conversation Analysis tools.

We are part of the exclusive community of only the TOP 100 European companies chosen by the European Community to be part of the Digital SME Focus Group on AI.

Data security and privacy are a priority for us. Customer data is encrypted and secure in the cloud, profiles data are synthetic, and its processing is GDPR compliant.

Our AI engine receives training tailored to the client’s business at the start of activation and continues to improve over time.

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