Make Your Content Strategy Simple with Ghostwriter AI™

AI Content Strategy Platform

AI Content Strategy Platform simplify corporate marketing content management through thematic news, text extraction and social posts, predictive content A/B testing.

Content Strategy Platform

Brands that want to get more out of their social campaigns by monitoring ROI and audiences

Managers that want to manage personal branding quickly and effectively with success

Social Media Agencies that with many customers, to satisfy quickly, but with quality

What is your audience like? Find out with data from the Ghostwriter AI Content Strategy Platform.

Social audience analysis

Talk to your audience about topics that interest them

GHOSTWRITER AI analyzes the profiles of users who have interacted with your posts.

Find out what your best audience looks like:

  • Age, gender, language, country
  • What interests they have
  • What words engage them

Discover the most critical data using the Content Strategy Platform.

Content Strategy Platform
Content Strategy Platform

Automated posts and content, simplified content strategy management

Specific content, without too much "facelift."

Find content specific to your audience right away and post to your social without too much rework by your team. Give it the human touch, and the text is immediately ready to post.


Spend better, get more

Anticipate the results of your social advertising using predictions based on your previous campaigns. Lower costs focus on the winning message.

"Your Time is Worth" Manifesto

Save hours of research

The Curator helps you find content on well-defined topics suitable for your audience.

Get, improve, share!

  1. Automatically get new posts from links
  2. Refine with your personal touch
  3. Share


Summarize longer content

Let AI read and summarize the text for you.

Write your next blog post in almost half the time using the Magic Draft feature.

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Your Facebook ADS data "at a glance with our AI Content Strategy Platform

Watch your sales data grow.
GhostWriter AI My Advertising is integrated with Shopify and directly correlates Facebook advertising data with sales data.

Save time analyzing metrics.
GhostWriter AI My Advertising helps you view Impressions, Reach and other custom metrics on a single screen.

Do you use another CRM or e-commerce system? Let’s talk!