AI-conversational chatbot WAD

Meet your customers' needs, anytime, with no effort

Learn about WAD, the NLP AI-conversational chatbot from Ghostwriter AI™. WAD provides the answers customers need when they need them.

wad NLP AI chatbot

WAD is a chatbot that will understand what the customer is saying and solve their problem with minimal intervention by your customer support team.

Understands Your Customers

There are many different ways to say the same thing. Reduce customer frustration. Allow them to speak freely. Don’t make them guess what you want them to say.

Quick and Easy

Faster response times increase customer satisfaction. More satisfied customers give positive reviews, buy more, and pass the word among friends.

AI-conversational chatbot WAD

WAD is an intelligent chatbot enabled by NLP Artificial Intelligence technology. WAD assists customers in resolving various questions without the need for agent intervention.

It can be used in many ways, from booking an appointment to integrated knowledge base search and help desk chats.

WAD conversational chatbot ecommerce example
WAD conversational chatbot happy customer

Improve customer satisfaction

WAD AI chatbot reduces wait times and provides a personalized experience for customers, raising their satisfaction with your company.

WAD is the AI-based conversational assistant that provides the answers customers need when they need them.

Plug and Play scalable solution: it smoothly integrates your business systems and provides 24/7 human-like customer support.

A personalized experience at every step

WAD conversational chatbot is designed to provide a personalized experience by tailoring its response by mining customer data and matching it to the most suitable product or service offerings.

Our conversational chatbot responds to customer questions with personalized answers and learns from each interaction.

wad conversational chatbot for insurance

Don't let your customers get lost in your business ecosystem. Help them with an intelligent system.

Artificial Intelligence and NLP: your new best friends.
Discover WAD, our AI-conversational chatbot

wad NLP virtual assistant

WAD is an AI NLP-based chatbot for solving customer problems and automatically improving the rate of inquiry resolution.

Build a smarter customer service experience with WAD. Streamline operations with WAD’s one-touch call recording and agent screen sharing features. WAD’s intelligent assistant will know your customers better than you do.