AI examples in customer experience

How to improve your call center customer experience

How To Improve Your Call Center Customer Experience


Help desk Improvement in terms of response rate, increase the customer experience and satisfaction.
Also, other essential results to measure are: cost reduction, staff training time reduction, better staff rotation on different customers

Our customer is an IT service desk that relies primarily on phone support, placing significant weight on its service desk.

Moreover, they face high call volume and couldn’t add more staff.

IT service is repetitive and stressful. Also, the IT service has a high rotation of the services they support.

This combination made it incredibly challenging to have a balanced response rate and staff expertise.

AI examples in customer experience

Quickly find the information you need, when you need it

The customer got a customized system trained on its knowledge. The system can auto-learning and managing new/replaced knowledge base content.
Also, it autonomously improves confidence and accuracy.


  • Training dataset of 1000 questions
  • Answer set
  • Knowledge base sources


  • AI models to increase the ability to find the knowledge the agents need using words or phrases to return a result set of answers that best match the request.
  • Text intent recognition
  • Knowledge base understanding (NLU)
  • Classification
  • Close-text search
  • Free-text search
  • Self-learning system
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Time saved from Coaching

AI Examples for Customer Experience: How To Improve Your Call Center CX

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