AI examples in Target Market

How to Find a Target Audience in a New Market

ai examples in target market


Identify a new target audience, where they live, work, and buy to know how to best engage with them.

Target Market analysis for new product validation.

Latent request identification based on topics and keywords relevant to the target audience.

Despite being one of the most recognized brands in paper objects, innovation Moleskine never stops. Moleskine objects, both analog and digital, connect the owner to heritage in art, literature, and cultural and geographical exploration.

They planned to invest in a digital branch, so they need to explore customer behaviors, needs, and expectations.

Identify data related to a broad group of people is hard. Traditional methods as focus groups and statistics didn’t provide the correct point of view, more qualitative than quantitative.

That’s why Moleskine asked for using Ghostwriter AI models: to get fast and fresh insights on the unknown market they want to approach.

Successful AI examples in Target Market

In-depth report of potential new customers’ behavior

The analysis has involved the current Moleskine’s followers across Facebook and Twitter to enrich the results with new audiences from new data sources, including blog pages, newspapers, and forums. Additionally, GhostWriter analyzed content and context in Italian and English in different geographic areas.

Further fuelling the socials with engaging content, Moleskine’s innovation team used GhostWriter’s insights to determine what content most effectively engaged its audience in real-time and to see which posts would be active for social engagement.

Day-to-day, Moleskine also used GhostWriter insights to identify new content and service coverage and to guide the editorial team to fill its calendar with the appropriate creative and freedom kind of content most loved by new Moleskine potential audience.


  • data access to social insights


  • AI models to ingest unstructured data and identify pattern behaviors
  • Social conversation analysis
  • Data extraction (demographics, psychographics, and behavioral)
  • Pattern recognition
  • Intent recognition
  • Topic and trends detection
  • Custom report according to defined KPI
ai examples in target market