Customers analytics: the best way to know your customers

Customers analytics

If the content is king, customers analytics is its best adviser not to waste your time. To grow a successful business, brands have to know what their customers are doing and thinking. Moreover, they need to relate to what they did in the past. Thus, customers analytics is one of the most important types of […]

The importance of customer analytics in marketing

Customer analytics

Brands develop buyer personas, create social media strategies, have the best content ever and even make social media customer care. Still, everything will be useless without customer analytics, especially in marketing. Analytics is the kind of data that tells brands if they are following the right path and how to make things better. Thanks to […]

Social media customer service: how to make it great

social media customer service

Social media are now one of the most used tools for customer service, but how can you use them professionally and effectively for your brand? At first, there was the phone. It was the only way people could contact customer care to report a problem or ask for a piece of information. Then, the Internet […]

How customer behavior can help your marketing strategy

customers behavior

What is customer behavior? Imagine starting a normal day. You stop the alarm from your smartphone, then you drag yourself to the bathroom. Here, you will brush your teeth with that new fluorine toothpaste, then have a shower with a vanilla-scented shampoo. Then you have your breakfast: a cup of your favorite coffee blend with […]

How Customer Experience Management Drives Emotions

Customer experience

The perfect Customer Experience Management combines technology and emotions. The goal is clear: you need to know how your customers feel while experiencing your website or product. Have you tried to do it manually? Almost impossible. The numerous touchpoints make the task hard and time-consuming, but new technologies specialized in customer experience management are crucial […]

How to Create a Powerful Strategic Editorial Calendar

Strategic editorial calendar

A Strategic Editorial Calendar is handy to schedule how to publish and spread your content according to your overall digital strategy. Wonderful, right? Imagine this scenario. It’s Monday morning. You wake up, go to work, and you know what is going to happen on your social media for the entire week. The main strategic line […]

Smart Marketing Strategies In Coronavirus Times

marketing during coronavirus

Marketing in Coronavirus Times is getting more difficult than ever. The virus affected not only people and healthcare but it also profoundly changed the way brands think about marketing and communication and deal with them. Marketers have to rethink their marketing strategies. The emergency is changing everything and, in particular, is forcing us to re-think […]

Social Media Competitor Analysis: 5 Steps To Start in 2020

social media competitor analysis

A fundamental part of a Social Media Strategy is a Social Media Competitor Analysis.You need to know more about your competitors’ strategy, what they are doing, and performing.Studying their strategy is the best way to find your way. Learning something more about competitors helps your brand in creating interesting tactics, measurable success, and, sometimes, avoid […]

3 Tweets That Show You Why Social Media Strategy Is Important

digest social media strategy

We just discovered how and why a proper social media strategy is one of the most crucial achievements you have to obtain. It is a complex and fascinating road that will make you more aware of your brand, your voice, and even your customers. If you want to know our ten steps to create the […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy: 10 Steps to Win

social media strategy

Having a Social Media Strategy is essential. If you have a product to launch on social media or you want to make your online presence more reliable, you need to create a social media marketing strategy.What is that? Well, it’s a plan. A social media plan that wins the hearts and the minds of attracting […]