How to Drive Loyalty with Target Audience Emotions

target audience emotions analysis

How can you earn the loyalty of your target audience using emotions? Go straight to their heart. In other words, connect with them. If you enter their heart, you also win their loyalty. As marketers, we have to understand our target audience on a deeper level. For example, the only way you can touch the […]

The Flash “How to” for your B2B Content Marketing

b2b content marketing

B2B Content Marketing is hugely different from that for B2C businesses. B2C includes showing popular products that can have their best users. You can do a lot of social activities with an appealing nut cream or tasty biscuits. Attention, please! I’m not saying that it is easy going.  B2C marketing strategy requires as much effort […]

Content Marketing ROI: How to Point in the Right Direction

Content Marketing ROI

Content Marketing ROI is the most crucial thing in any content marketing strategy. Here at Ghostwriter AI, we’re committed to the smart and active social media content strategy. First, bring results. Second, results have to be measured. Otherwise, they are just fancy ideas. Last, with a bottom-up approach, you need to optimize what you and […]

What is Social Curation and How to Approach (Checklist)

What is Social Curation

Social Curation is one of the best practices for social media marketing.  The approach looks easy: find content from somebody else and share. I see hundreds of companies doing in that way. That’s precisely the kind of approach that brings nothing. Social media content curation is much more than this. I’ll share my best rules […]

Target Audience: What is the Your Best One (and Where is It)

what is your best target audience

When it comes to talking about Target Audience, I always found a lot of confusion. Because I work hard to identify the right audiences and deliver the right message, I’ve developed my schema to show the customer what the difference is. As a marketing professional, you surely have to face the same. Many brands are […]

How to promote your business for free (checklist)

how to promote your business

How to promote your business free sounds like witchcraft. It needs a bit of context: I’m running a startup on a budget. In addition to that, I have a small team of two people. We have to maximize our efforts and stay in our budget. That’s why I have developed a workflow to boost my […]

AI Marketing Personalization: How To Get The Most From It

AI Marketing Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing personalization is moving forward fast, and I want to share my knowledge in the field. AI algorithms do the dirty job. Marketers orchestrate the strategy and taste the juicy fruit of tailor-made communication without manual effort. It is more than six years now from the exact time I have decided […]

The Best Content Writing Tools for a Successful Workflow

Best Content Writing Tools for a Successful Workflow

Catching the best content writing tools for your workflow is like winning at the lottery.  Setting up a good content strategy is demanding work, and as in all things, it is better to use the right tools. Besides, the amount of marketing tools is immensely vast. The list includes SEO tools, graphics, and video tools, […]

How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

Everybody knows that to shine on social networks, you need to create dozen of social posts. You have to post regularly and being consistent in your social media strategy. People want variety and value. To create a Social Media Plan that works, you have to be consistent and post regularly.  In this post, I will […]

How to Create a Powerful Strategic Editorial Calendar

Strategic editorial calendar

A Strategic Editorial Calendar is handy to schedule how to publish and spread your content according to your overall digital strategy. Wonderful, right? Imagine this scenario. It’s Monday morning. You wake up, go to work, and you know what is going to happen on your social media for the entire week. The main strategic line […]