Target Audience: What is the Your Best One (and Where is It)

what is your best target audience

When it comes to talking about Target Audience, I always found a lot of confusion. Because I work hard to identify the right audiences and deliver the right message, I’ve developed my schema to show the customer what the difference is. As a marketing professional, you surely have to face the same. Many brands are […]

How to promote your business for free (checklist)

how to promote your business

How to promote your business free sounds like witchcraft. It needs a bit of context: I’m running a startup on a budget. In addition to that, I have a small team of two people. We have to maximize our efforts and stay in our budget. That’s why I have developed a workflow to boost my […]

The Best Content Writing Tools for a Successful Workflow

Best Content Writing Tools for a Successful Workflow

Catching the best content writing tools for your workflow is like winning at the lottery.  Setting up a good content strategy is demanding work, and as in all things, it is better to use the right tools. Besides, the amount of marketing tools is immensely vast. The list includes SEO tools, graphics, and video tools, […]

Powerful Content Curation in 5 easy steps

content curation strategy

Content Curation is a strategic activity that changes your efforts to enrich your weekly editorial calendar. It is a “must-do” activity for any kind of business, helping you to stand out in social media. You have written blog posts for the next three months and planned a photo shoot for your products next week. Then […]

5 Content Curation Answers In A Tweet

digest content curation

By now, we know that content curation is one of the essential elements of a whole digital strategy.However, there might still be a lot of questions about it. Doubts about its importance, the strategy to adopt and legal issues! Typical questions about content curation for marketing are: What is content curation marketing?What is content curation […]

Content Curation: A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy

content curation

Do you know what Content Curation is? If you want to keep your customers and clients engaged on your channels, you have to serve different and exciting content that matches their interests and passions. Think about your social media feed as a restaurant menu and your pieces of content as your favorite dish. You love […]

5 AI Tactics To Use In Your Content Strategy

content tactics

Content creation is a delicate job. If you have ever written a post for a business blog or Facebook page, you know that engaging your audience is far more complicated than just slapping a few words in a row with a poor quality photo. It may seem a lot of hard work, but it worths […]

7 Content Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Digital Strategy

content marketing

It is not a mystery that good content marketing is one of the crucial elements of a digital strategy that rocks.Moreover, we have already seen on many different occasions that Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for content strategies. We decided to combine Artificial Intelligence and Content Strategies to create a list of 7 content […]

3 AI-Powered Video Content Strategies That Work

Video content strategy

For a few years, every year is “the video marketing year.” Video marketing has a huge part in marketing strategies. But what’s going to happen when we combine video marketing with Artificial Intelligence? How can AI help to do better with video strategy? We’re going to tell you in this article, so follow us to […]