What is Social Curation and How to Approach (Checklist)

What is Social Curation

Social Curation is one of the best practices for social media marketing.  The approach looks easy: find content from somebody else and share. I see hundreds of companies doing in that way. That’s precisely the kind of approach that brings nothing. Social media content curation is much more than this. I’ll share my best rules […]

3 Tweets That Show You Why Social Media Strategy Is Important

digest social media strategy

We just discovered how and why a proper social media strategy is one of the most crucial achievements you have to obtain. It is a complex and fascinating road that will make you more aware of your brand, your voice, and even your customers. If you want to know our ten steps to create the […]

Social media analytics: the best gift for your brand

Social media analytics

Studying audience, collecting data from different channels, analyzing competitors, engaging with influencers, monitoring brand and mentions, then, you inevitably need social media analytics tools.Running out of the budget is easy and, if you collect data without analyzing them, you are getting losing time and money, feeling depressed for your performances. Stay happy: there is a […]

Why Social Media Monitoring can boost your strategy

Social monitoring

Recently we have discovered how to create a buyer persona, and we have found out why Social Listening is such an essential tool for your digital strategy. We have also learned that Social Listening is often mistaken for Social Media Monitoring while they’re two distinct disciplines. Let’s unveil all the secrets of Social Monitoring with […]

Keep Your Ears Open: How Social Listening Helps You to Understand Your Industry

Social listening

Social Listening, a powerful tool to improve your brand Reputation online is crucial for any company. Why? Listening to your customers, clients and prospects put you in their shoes. It allows feeling their appreciation, stopping the potential crisis, touching how people are engaging with you. You can understand what people want, find new solutions and […]