Call Center Optimization

Increase your sales with a better cold calling lead conversion
cold calling optimization


Increase conversions and enhances agents productivity


Empower reps with custom automated, easy to follow, examples to increase outbound call conversions.

Guide sales teams toward GOALS ATTAINMENT

Get those key elements that support a better sales process, improve engagements that drive results.

Digital Sales Playbooks for FAST ALIGNMENT

Facilitate training efficiency, guide interactions.
Save time fast, aligning sales, and goals.

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cold calling conversion

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Time saved from Coaching

Call Center Optimization Features

Cold Call Script

The elements that transform your cold call scripts in the tool to beat your sales team's quota.

Conversation Analytics

Conversation's rhythm, speaking speed, interruptions to improve communications with prospects.

Sentiment evaluation

Check how positivity, arousal, openness, and others, affect sales. Easy evaluate customer tone, and increase conversions.

Cold Call Behaviors

Behavioral recognition analyzes both the customer’s and the agent’s emotional states to bring you close deals.

Cold Call Conversion Tips

Best practices to train agents, fast identification of the critical elements that convert leads to customers.


AI-driven algorithms learn from data patterns. The system continues improving with no additional effort.

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Enhance Call Center Optimization with AI

Take your sales workflows & team productivity to the next level. Quickly repeat entire successful programs and actions at a scale.
Our success team customizes Ghostwriter AI algorithms to meet your goals.

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