MAX Contact Center Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant to support your contact centre for operational customer management

Enterprise content search, document classification and natural language interaction with MAX, Ghostwriter AI™ technology

assistente virtuale contact center

Easy learning

MAX improves agents to find information more effectively. Great for seniors, even better for juniors, to keep the team on the same page

Increased speed

Response times improved by over 30%. MAX is already helping hundreds of operators responding customer inquiries.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Data to improve Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). More satisfied customers review positive reviews, buy more.

Giving your customers the right answer at the right time using MAX, the AI-powered Contact Center Virtual Assistant

Natural language query and analysis

Intelligent Virtual Agents are conversational bots to assist humans in a variety of tasks.

MAX, our intelligent virtual assistant, helps you respond in real-time to all support and information requests that your agents receive every day.

MAX understands natural language queries and provides an immediate response. Use text-based sources and information to respond in real-time.

Find the information you need from hundreds of thousands of documents, answer critical questions immediately, and monitor data and response times.


max knowledge virtual assistant
Ricerca Linguaggio Naturale dati

More contact center efficiency

Improve ticket management and resolution time by increasing the efficiency of your customer care team.c


MAX understands words and their specific meanings, detects the writer’s mood and can prioritize responses.


MAX learns as you work, recognizes search intent, collects corrections and integrates learning with external resources.


MAX responds in natural language on the desired interface, not only in chat but also by automatically composing response emails.


Natural language processing with semantic search

Thanks to our NLP and semantic search engine, users efficiently find complex information by writing their query as if they were talking to a friend.

The search also works with ambiguous or double-meaning words or with unstructured questions.

assistente virtuale intelligente

Free yourself from endless queues of emails, requests, chats and support tickets.
MAX gives you all the answers in one click with natural language search and understanding.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for MAX, our best in class Contact Center Virtual Assistant

comprensione linguaggio naturale

Process all your documents, emails, PDFs, text messages, and phone conversations to find the most critical information.

MAX uses a proprietary semantic engine, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLU) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), to help you explore your data and make your operational management scalable.