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A Customer Acquisition Free Assessment helps you identify the key points to improve and succeed

The Customer Acquisition Free Assessment is a powerful tool for growing your business.


What is your challenge now?

There is something that stops you?

Do you already know your more significant breakthrough?

If you have a magic wand, what do you ask for your business?

We know that, and we are here to help you with your specific requests.

Our experts will spend a full hour with you in two steps:

  • a first call (30 minutes) on your objectives
  • a second call (further 30 minutes) on reachable key results.

You will get from that your custom assessment.

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customer acquisition free assessment

Engage Your Customer Using Data

bad communication risks
Conversation brings risks
  • misunderstanding
  • different points of views
  • dislike
  • bad reputation

Also, they impact sales and loyalty.

There are many different conversation touch points. 

For example, there are inbound channels:

  • owned (blog, white paper, landing page, FAQ, website, knowledge-base, app, chat)
  • external (social networks, reviews platforms)

But also, outbound channels:

  • advertising campaigns
  • call center activity
  • emails

Finally, all of the points in the customer journey live in many different data access points.

For example, you have emails, logs, recordings, and CRM data.

successful communication gains
Decrease Risks, Increase Conversions

Conversational analysis, from internal and external data, combined with conversion data, gives results for faster decision making.

For example, you can get excellent suggestions on how to improve results from matching information from different sources.

We help you have a clear project that fits your specific conversion KPIs.
Then, we identify the key elements.

Focus on:

  • define data sources
  • what the required service includes
  • related KPI
  • steps and output for each of them


  • conversation data analysis
  • higher conversion rates, from lead generation, advertising, and sales campaigns
  • reduce risks and uncertainty
  • data action recommendation