Knowledge Base Search

Reduce the time to call resolution, make your customers happy
knowledge base search


Quickly find the information you need, when you need it

Reduce the time to call resolution

Make it possible for employees to find the right solution faster. Use keywords or whole sentences; get the answers.

Speed up the training process

Facilitate training and onboarding for new employees. Speed up the onboarding on new customers' projects.

Automated constant learning on the go

The system supports your employees and automatically learns from new sources and new scenarios.

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Time saved from Coaching

Knowledge Base Search Features

Semantic Search

Make your question in natural language speaking and get the answers that you need.

Text Classification

Get requests automatically classified according to the intent motivation behind them.


AI-driven algorithms learn from data patterns. The system continues improving while used in production.

Improve Your Help Desk. Easy Knowledge Base Search

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Fast and Accurate Knowledge Base Search Results

Process vast amounts of unstructured text data in a fast and straightforward way. Increase your customer satisfaction with a champion, fast and accurate help desk, and support. Algorithms use text analysis to understand the text, classify, and organize it. The system receives the request and automatically suggests the right answer.
There are many different scenarios to occur in a company, from emails and chats to reviews, customer queries, and support tickets. The system can suggest the right answer to the customer’s request or provide an autonomous reply.