Market Customers Behaviour Analysis Ghostwriter AI™

Find from data what people want

Market Customers Behaviour Analysis from internal and external sources. Accurate information to access strategies for competitive analysis, prospect profiles, positioning, and more.

Analisi mercato e intenti acquisto

Data-driven decisions to find new customers, position yourself in the marketplace, launch new products. Get the power of AI-based Market Customers Behaviour Analysis.

Audience profiling

Get real-time insights into browsing interests, buying behaviours, the affinity of interests, professions, hobbies, demographics and more.

The Market Customers Behaviour Analysis service helps companies understand their audiences and seize new opportunities.

It analyzes specific conversations and interests based on the demands of personalizing the company’s strategy.

profilazione pubblico
customer analysis

Using the customer’s demographics and psychometrics when they browse the internet, our Ghostwriter AI engine collects the information related to their online behaviour and analyze that data.

Our consumer behaviour analysis service helps companies to gain new insights into the market. These include buying frequency and brand preferences, also compared with competitors.

By segmenting the audience, AI helps companies understand what their customers want and sellers to understand the needs and preferences of the consumer.

Benefits of market and customer behaviour analysis

Data-driven suggestions

Customer and competitor interests, behaviours, and keywords.

Continuously improve

New audiences and targeting strategies in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Fresh data

Millions of online interactions, collected daily to capture new opportunities.

Enrich your information and make better decisions with reports tailored to your goals.

Analisi mercato intenti acquisto

✔ In-depth audience knowledge

✔ Purchase intent data

✔ Data-driven decisions

Ghostwriter AI™, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and semantic system, analyze search intent data based on company-specific topics of interest.

Thus, the company immediately has personalized data on approaching new potential customers with topics of their interest. The company has filtered data from millions of up-to-date sources to capture the language and trends of the moment.