Predictive Analysis Tool

Predict the success of any pieces

predictive ab test AI tool

Predict your success with >78% accuracy, increase ROI, reduce risks

predictive ab test AI tool
winning ab test

Easy predictive A/B Test

A/B test your content.

    • copy and paste text and creativity
    • post the winner

Save time and money, improving your performances in a click.

GhostwriterAI Predictive Analysis Tool tells you which post matches your target better before you go live.

Ghostwriter AI predicts the most suitable copy for your next ad campaign.

See what works before paying

The Predictive analytics tool helps to identify what resonates most with your audience.
“Copy A” will challenge “Copy B” – which is going to be the best?

Use artificial intelligence to get hints about what works, save time and money from your marketing budget.

Refine your copy on the fly.

which text is predictivelty the best one

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