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Lightening speed your social media content management

Look Inside Your Audience

GhostWriter AI Social Media Content analyzes and profiles your social media audience interactions to profile people. Let AI discover your best followers.

Point To Your Target

With Ghostwriter AI Social Media Content you know which interests and keywords your target use on socials. Align your content with your audience.

Fresh Content Ideas to Post

GhostWriter AI Social Media Content suggests collects curated news. Never run out of inspiration for your next social post. Use AI recommended news.

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faster Social Media Management

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Social Media Content Features

Target Audience Profiler

Point to the audience that you want to reach. See the best content for each buyer persona.

Content Curator

Get news from a curated list. Pick and post what resonates with your target audience. Engage better and faster.

Predictive A/B test

Let AI scoring the higher Image/Content/Audience Affinity and select only successful posts.​

Analytics Insights

Understand your audience better & analyze trends and keywords to boost engagement.

Trends Analytics

Spot out new trends and leverage real-time information to create your next content. Save a ton of discovery time.

Summarize Content

Let AI read and summarize text for you. Drafts your next blog post in half of the time you usually do.

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