BAAL Speech Analytics Tool

Get the most out of every sales opportunity and phone contact

BAAL Speech Analytics Tool improves your sales and customer calls with data. More lead conversion, better customer experience management with contact center call analytics.

Analisi Audio Conversazioni

Flexible to your tools

BAAL combines sales data from your CRM and information extracted from recorded phone calls with your current contact centre system.

Perfect for remote working

Agents, supervisors and team leaders are all aligned through data. So it’s easier to improve strategy and training, even remotely.

Scalable to your needs

BAAL provides regular reporting with the data you need and integrates with simple API calls to make the flow uniform and scalable.

Help agents get success from the most exciting contacts

Speech Analytics technology allows you to capture customer opinion and seize new opportunities.

BAAL applies AI-based models to sales and customer care conversations.

BAAL analyzes and visualizes information. Suggests improvements to maximize results from each call. Current customers have improved by over 20.5%.

It leverages Ghostwriter AI™ technology, Natural Language Understanding and Processing (NLU, NLP) algorithms, and our semantic system to analyze conversation data.

Improves agent productivity

Automatically detects the most critical data to help the agent make the best sales calls.

Enable actionable suggestions

Get more results with script enhancement, suggestion on pace, speech speed, words that increase the propensity to buy.

Facilitates training and onboarding

Provide supervisors with real-time data. Train agents using training recordings.

Get the most out of your calls with BAAL Speech Analytics Tool

It finds the needle in the haystack

In thousands of phone calls finding the few elements that mark the difference between “Yes, I buy” and “No, thanks” is crucial. 

Ready from day one

The AI engine receives customized training for your business at the beginning of activation and continues to improve over time.

We care about privacy

The security of your data is our priority. Information is encrypted and secure. Data processing is GDPR compliant. You can get it on-premise.