Le applicazioni di text mining rivoluzionano il data analysis nel marketing

applicazioni text mining data analysis

Introduzione: Cosa sono le applicazioni di text mining e come funzionano? Il text mining è diventato una parte essenziale del mondo moderno, quasi tutti i brand usano questa tecnologia e le sue applicazioni per ricavare insight che possono aiutarle a prendere decisioni migliori. Si tratta di un processo in cui i computer cercano analizzano grandi […]

How to deal with Christmas marketing in 2021

christimas marketing

How has Christmas marketing changed during the last two years?  Last year it was troublesome for many people and companies. Fortunately, things have changed over the previous 12 months. Now, we can rethink new strategies with the unique experience to back up our following decisions. So, how is it going to be for the holiday […]

Intelligenza artificiale al lavoro per ridurre lo stress

intelligenza artificiale al lavoro

Negli ultimi anni, c’è stata una rivalutazione dell’intelligenza artificiale, grazie alla nuova quantità di dati disponibili e allo sviluppo e ottimizzazione di nuovi paradigmi e algoritmi. L’utilizzo dell’intelligenza artificiale al lavoro è ormai molto conosciuto e sfruttato.  In Oracle, da tre anni la ricerca [email protected] analizza due parametri: l’accettazione degli algoritmi basati su AI sul […]

“AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet”

opportunità intelligenza artificiale

Torino è una città con numerosi player che si occupano di intelligenza artificiale e NLP. Le aziende presenti sul territorio stanno aspettando l’avvio di un Istituto dedicato all’unione tra imprese e ricerca, legato alla manifattura, in particolare automotive e aerospazio. Quali sono quindi le opportunità dell’intelligenza artificiale? L’industria ha spinto le innovazioni verso le opportunità […]

AI Marketing Personalization: How To Get The Most From It

AI Marketing Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing personalization is moving forward fast, and I want to share my knowledge in the field. AI algorithms do the dirty job. Marketers orchestrate the strategy and taste the juicy fruit of tailor-made communication without manual effort. It is more than six years now from the exact time I have decided […]

3 Tweets To Discover How AI And Sales Are Great Match

digest AI and sales

Would you ever imagine that AI can be a great help for sales departments? We may not be so used to it, but it will be more and more critical with time. Artificial intelligence helps in daily, repetitive tasks, and it is also a lot more helpful than cold calls. It is a help for […]

How AI helps Skyrocket Sales In 2020

AI and sales

If you have a sales team, you should consider implementing an AI-based system. It is common knowledge that cold calls are often inefficient, but did you know that, according to a study by Baylor University’s Keller Center for Research, they only work 1% of the times? The lack of personal touch and human interest will […]

7 Ways AI Can Boost Your Adv

AI and adv

Artificial Intelligence (AI) boosts your Adv activity, and it is already showing results. It is no more a “maybe one day,” but “how to take that advantage today.” Really. Do you want to know how to improve the efficacy of your online ad campaigns? Then, the solution to get better results from digital advertising today […]

3 KPIs Answers In A Tweet

Digest KPI

This week we have discussed KPIs. We explained how crucial they are and how to pick the perfect one for your business. However, as always, there still are a lot of questions about them! Who can answer them better than experts like you? We took inspiration from 3 tweets about KPIs from respected marketing specialists […]

How To Identify Your Social Media KPIs


Which KPIs are you considering for your social media strategy? Do you measure your key performances?KPI for marketing is the way to measure if you are reaching your goals. They indicate how well your organization is meeting its goals. Are you good at this? How do you create a KPI? What is a good KPI?Which […]