How emotion detection can help grow your business

emotion detection

If you work with marketing, you can’t skip emotions. Feelings are one of the essential marketing assets to know your audience better. Moreover, emotions give brands lots of information about their followers and customers. Artificial intelligence can transform these data into valuable insights, thanks to emotion detection. Let’s see how. What is Emotion Detection and […]

Why inclusive marketing matters and what AI can do for it

inclusive marketing AI

If there is a word everyone knows nowadays, it’s “inclusivity.” Why is inclusive marketing so important? It allows marketers – and people in general – to consider a higher variability of factors when thinking of new campaigns or rebranding. However, inclusive marketing is here to stay, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to improve your […]

Why deep learning will change marketing strategies

deep learning marketing

When it comes to buzzwords, few of them are as popular as deep learning, especially if you plan to use them for digital marketing purposes. However, this article will show you that it is not just a popular topic but an asset that marketing managers should consider to sharpen their strategies. If you don’t know […]

Come l’emotion detection aiuta il business

emotion detection

Se lavori con il marketing, non potete ignorare le emozioni. I sentimenti sono una delle risorse di marketing essenziali per conoscere meglio il proprio pubblico. Inoltre, le emozioni forniscono ai brand molte informazioni sui loro follower e clienti. L’intelligenza artificiale può trasformare questi dati in preziosi insight grazie all’emotion detection e recognition. Vediamo come. Che […]

Marketing inclusivo e intelligenza artificiale

marketing inclusivo

Se c’è una parola che tutti conoscono oggi è “inclusività”. Perché il marketing inclusivo è così importante? Permette ai marketer – e alle persone – di considerare una maggiore variabilità di fattori quando pensano a nuove campagne o al rebranding. Soprattutto a giugno, che è il mese del Pride, i brand rischiano di cadere nell’allywashing, […]

How to use NLP for sentiment analysis

NLP sentiment analysis

If you run a brand, you probably skimmed through comments to understand which ones were good and evil. That’s a form of sentiment analysis. If paired with natural language processing (or NLP for short), it happens to be a powerful asset for brands. Are you sceptical? In this article, we will see why sentiment analysis […]

Come usare l’NLP per la sentiment analysis

NLP sentiment analysis

Se gestisci un brand, probabilmente avete selezionato  i commenti per capire quali erano buoni, utili all’azienda, e quali cattivi, semplici polemiche o, peggio, lamentele. Questa è una forma di sentiment analysis. Se unita al natural language processing (o NLP), risulta essere una risorsa potente per i brand. In questo articolo, vedremo perché la sentiment analysis […]

How to use natural language understanding for marketing

NLU in marketing

We discussed NLP and artificial intelligence this whole month, but we missed one element until now: NLU, Natural Language Understanding. It is the perfect complement to NLP, and in this article, we will explain why they work so well together for marketing strategies. Is Natural Language Understanding? We recently are going deeper into marketing, language […]

Migliorare il marketing con l’NLU

NLU marketing

Abbiamo discusso di NLP e intelligenza artificiale per tutto il mese, ma non abbiamo toccato un argomento, almeno finora: l’NLU, o natural language understanding. È il complemento perfetto per la NLP. In questo articolo, spiegheremo perché l’NLU funziona così bene per le strategie di marketing. Il natural language understanding è utile per le strategie di […]

3+1 uses of NLP in marketing

Uses NLP for marketing

How can brands use Natural language processing, or NLP, for marketing strategies? Is it possible to use it properly, practical and helpful way? The answer is absolutely yes – and we are going to see how we can do it in this article. Shall we proceed? What is Natural language processing? In the last few […]