3 Tweets To Discover How AI And Sales Are Great Match

digest AI and sales

Would you ever imagine that AI can be a great help for sales departments? We may not be so used to it, but it will be more and more critical with time. Artificial intelligence helps in daily, repetitive tasks, and it is also a lot more helpful than cold calls. It is a help for […]

How AI helps Skyrocket Sales In 2020

AI and sales

If you have a sales team, you should consider implementing an AI-based system. It is common knowledge that cold calls are often inefficient, but did you know that, according to a study by Baylor University’s Keller Center for Research, they only work 1% of the times? The lack of personal touch and human interest will […]

Debunking 10 Myths About AI And Marketing

AI myths

Artificial Intelligence is a unique opportunity for companies of any dimension. It can provide advance, create new job places and, generally speaking, make our private and working lives safer and more comfortable. Several pieces of research demonstrated that Artificial Intelligence has a significant impact on marketing. Gartner even announced that 70% of organizations will implement […]

How To Analyze Your Competitors With Help Of AI


You have written the best strategy in the world, allocated a fair budget for advertising, and hired an enthusiast, professional team. Your project is ready to take flight! However, hold on just a minute. Have you checked what your competitors are doing? Knowing what they are up to is extremely important. It allows you to […]

7 Content Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Digital Strategy

content marketing

It is not a mystery that good content marketing is one of the crucial elements of a digital strategy that rocks.Moreover, we have already seen on many different occasions that Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for content strategies. We decided to combine Artificial Intelligence and Content Strategies to create a list of 7 content […]

It’s All About Words. Why Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Textual Content

AI and text

Writing is inspiring, but it’s also a time-consuming activity that can become draining. Lucky for every writer out in the world, Artificial Intelligence can help make your writing faster, more efficient, and even more interesting for your audience. Experts say that a robot will write an and article by itself only when it will be […]

Natural Language Processing: 3 Ways to use NLP in Marketing


We usually consider “language” as something proper of human being, and we are right. Members of other species can communicate between themselves in many ways, but only humankind has developed such a complex language. Since the birth of computer science, this has been an issue. Is it possible to communicate with a machine with so-called […]

How AI Will Transform Landing Pages

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Landing pages are a powerful digital marketing tool, and AI can improve its effectiveness in many different ways.We see landing pages every day. At first sight, the definition is quite simple: “any Web page that a user arrives at after clicking a hyperlink.” However, besides those words lie many sophisticated strategies and concepts. Why and […]

Do You SEO? AI And The Power Of Online Search


SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, includes all those techniques we use to make Google like our contents.Google will put good SEO contents higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), making them visible to possible readers. As you as marketer certainly know, SEO techniques changes according to Google algorithms updates.However, it is much more […]

IoT: When AI Met The Coffee Machine

IoT and AI

What happens if you combine AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)? Both are outstanding and innovative technologies, that will drive our future lives.They’ve been more and more critical now, by leading us towards innovative solutions for daily issues. But how exactly will this affect us regularly and how will they combine to achieve new, […]