Content Marketing ROI: How to Point in the Right Direction

Content Marketing ROI

Content Marketing ROI is the most crucial thing in any content marketing strategy. Here at Ghostwriter AI, we’re committed to the smart and active social media content strategy. First, bring results. Second, results have to be measured. Otherwise, they are just fancy ideas. Last, with a bottom-up approach, you need to optimize what you and […]

Target Audience: What is the Your Best One (and Where is It)

what is your best target audience

When it comes to talking about Target Audience, I always found a lot of confusion. Because I work hard to identify the right audiences and deliver the right message, I’ve developed my schema to show the customer what the difference is. As a marketing professional, you surely have to face the same. Many brands are […]

7 Tips To Successful Identify Your Target Audience

Audience analysis

You can create the most astonishing product or a stunning service, but it will not work if you can not identify your perfect target audience. Here is why you have to make a precise work of audience analysis to define your target. By the way, even if the theory looks easy to understand, the practice […]