Competitor analysis: How AI helps to your success

Competitor analysis. How AI helps your success. Black magnifying glass that highlights an orange graphic on turquoise canvas

Competitor analysis is one of the main tasks a brand should achieve on a regular basis. How are your competitors positioning themselves?Competitors are here to stay. It is a good reason for brands to keep studying, analyzing and improving their job in a certain way.However, it is also a valid reason to sharpen your analysis […]

Social Media Competitor Analysis: 5 Steps To Start in 2020

social media competitor analysis

A fundamental part of a Social Media Strategy is a Social Media Competitor Analysis.You need to know more about your competitors’ strategy, what they are doing, and performing.Studying their strategy is the best way to find your way. Learning something more about competitors helps your brand in creating interesting tactics, measurable success, and, sometimes, avoid […]

5 Marketers’ Challenges Answers In A Tweet

Digest Marketers' Challenges

Here it is another Friday and, with it, our weekly GhostWriter Digest. Today we will give you some opinions about our last article about the stiffest challenges marketers have to face every day. Is there anyone of these that you faced personally? How did you overcome it? 1. How Do You Use SEO To Catch […]

How To Analyze Your Competitors With Help Of AI


You have written the best strategy in the world, allocated a fair budget for advertising, and hired an enthusiast, professional team. Your project is ready to take flight! However, hold on just a minute. Have you checked what your competitors are doing? Knowing what they are up to is extremely important. It allows you to […]