What is Social Curation and How to Approach (Checklist)

What is Social Curation

Social Curation is one of the best practices for social media marketing.  The approach looks easy: find content from somebody else and share. I see hundreds of companies doing in that way. That’s precisely the kind of approach that brings nothing. Social media content curation is much more than this. I’ll share my best rules […]

Powerful Content Curation in 5 easy steps

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Content Curation is a strategic activity that changes your efforts to enrich your weekly editorial calendar. It is a “must-do” activity for any kind of business, helping you to stand out in social media. You have written blog posts for the next three months and planned a photo shoot for your products next week. Then […]

5 Content Curation Answers In A Tweet

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By now, we know that content curation is one of the essential elements of a whole digital strategy.However, there might still be a lot of questions about it. Doubts about its importance, the strategy to adopt and legal issues! Typical questions about content curation for marketing are: What is content curation marketing?What is content curation […]

Content Curation: A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy

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Do you know what Content Curation is? If you want to keep your customers and clients engaged on your channels, you have to serve different and exciting content that matches their interests and passions. Think about your social media feed as a restaurant menu and your pieces of content as your favorite dish. You love […]