L’importanza dei Customer analytics per il marketing

Customer analytics

I brand sviluppano le buyer personas, creano strategie sui social media, hanno i migliori contenuti di sempre e fanno anche social media customer care. Eppure, tutto è inutile senza un po’ di customer analytics, specialmente nel marketing. Gli analytics sono il tipo di dati che dicono ai brand se stanno seguendo la strada giusta e […]

Customer satisfaction analytics: outperform your success

Customer satisfaction analytics canvas

When it comes to customer satisfaction, analytics is one of the main elements to analyze. If your customers aren’t happy enough with your brand or service, they won’t buy any more. You don’t want that. So, how can you measure customer satisfaction? The answer stays in number! Keep reading to learn how to identify and […]

5 Customer retention mistakes to avoid (and how to solve)

customer retention mistakes to avoid

Customer retention mistakes are a cost. We have already said how much customer retention is valuable for any brand. It helps them build loyal relationships with customers, making them more conscious about their opportunities, goals, and lacks. A brand should not underestimate the customer retention process because it makes it easier to have a loyal […]

Customers analytics: the best way to know your customers

Customers analytics

If the content is king, customers analytics is its best adviser not to waste your time. To grow a successful business, brands have to know what their customers are doing and thinking. Moreover, they need to relate to what they did in the past. Thus, customers analytics is one of the most important types of […]

The importance of customer analytics in marketing

Customer analytics

Brands develop buyer personas, create social media strategies, have the best content ever and even make social media customer care. Still, everything will be useless without customer analytics, especially in marketing. Analytics is the kind of data that tells brands if they are following the right path and how to make things better. Thanks to […]