The importance of customer analytics in marketing

Customer analytics

Brands develop buyer personas, create social media strategies, have the best content ever and even make social media customer care. Still, everything will be useless without customer analytics, especially in marketing. Analytics is the kind of data that tells brands if they are following the right path and how to make things better. Thanks to […]

How customer behavior can help your marketing strategy

customers behavior

What is customer behavior? Imagine starting a normal day. You stop the alarm from your smartphone, then you drag yourself to the bathroom. Here, you will brush your teeth with that new fluorine toothpaste, then have a shower with a vanilla-scented shampoo. Then you have your breakfast: a cup of your favorite coffee blend with […]

How Customer Experience Management Drives Emotions

Customer experience

The perfect Customer Experience Management combines technology and emotions. The goal is clear: you need to know how your customers feel while experiencing your website or product. Have you tried to do it manually? Almost impossible. The numerous touchpoints make the task hard and time-consuming, but new technologies specialized in customer experience management are crucial […]