Customer sentiment analysis: why it is excellent for your brand

Customer sentimenti analysis. Girl messaging at a pc with headphones

Customer sentiment analysis is one of the most useful yet unknown strategies to improve the value of your brand. Marketers think that it is just another way to monitor what people say on social media, but it is far more. More importantly, it is a way to understand clients, their needs and their opinions about […]

Customer service: 5 reasons to do it well

Customer service. 5 reasons to do it well

When you think about customer service, what do you imagine? A bored employee that cannot answer your questions? An unsatisfying and infinite number of calls? Something that you want to add to your brand, but maybe one day, when you will have enough time? This article will explain why we consider customer service one of […]

KPIs for customer service: how to measure the success

KPIs for customer service

KPIs for customer service has to be considered carefully since the approach to the customer’s needs is one of the most delicate and visible elements of a brand. If it doesn’t work well, it risks destroying a brand’s reputation and decreasing sales. Like other marketing metrics, brands need to measure it because it will give […]

Social media customer service: how to make it great

social media customer service

Social media are now one of the most used tools for customer service, but how can you use them professionally and effectively for your brand? At first, there was the phone. It was the only way people could contact customer care to report a problem or ask for a piece of information. Then, the Internet […]