How to Create a Powerful Strategic Editorial Calendar

Strategic editorial calendar

A Strategic Editorial Calendar is handy to schedule how to publish and spread your content according to your overall digital strategy. Wonderful, right? Imagine this scenario. It’s Monday morning. You wake up, go to work, and you know what is going to happen on your social media for the entire week. The main strategic line […]

Smart Marketing Strategies In Coronavirus Times

marketing during coronavirus

Marketing in Coronavirus Times is getting more difficult than ever. The virus affected not only people and healthcare but it also profoundly changed the way brands think about marketing and communication and deal with them. Marketers have to rethink their marketing strategies. The emergency is changing everything and, in particular, is forcing us to re-think […]

3 Tweets That Show You Why Social Media Strategy Is Important

digest social media strategy

We just discovered how and why a proper social media strategy is one of the most crucial achievements you have to obtain. It is a complex and fascinating road that will make you more aware of your brand, your voice, and even your customers. If you want to know our ten steps to create the […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy: 10 Steps to Win

social media strategy

Having a Social Media Strategy is essential. If you have a product to launch on social media or you want to make your online presence more reliable, you need to create a social media marketing strategy.What is that? Well, it’s a plan. A social media plan that wins the hearts and the minds of attracting […]

3 Native Advertising Answers In A Tweet

digest native advertising

We discussed Native advertising in our last article. The concept is pretty simple – creating advertising that fits perfectly in the medium, so much that it does not seem advertising at all, and that provides useful pieces of information. The tricky part is, of course, to do it well. Creating a campaign that works for […]

How Native Advertising Is The Greatest Help For Advertising

native advertising

If you have no idea what native advertising is, it may be the final proof that it works. Advertising is so conventional in our lives that we probably do not see it anymore. Native advertising is a kind of ad that borns as paid content, but you do not perceive it as a commercial. It […]

How Intent Marketing Can Rock Your Strategy 3 Tweets

digest intent marketing

Have you ever heard of intent marketing? If the answer is no, go and read our article about it! Intent marketing is now one of the most important trends worldwide, because it allows marketers to better understand their target and know how to adjust their strategies to meet people’s needs and cravings. If you do […]

5 Marketers’ Challenges Answers In A Tweet

Digest Marketers' Challenges

Here it is another Friday and, with it, our weekly GhostWriter Digest. Today we will give you some opinions about our last article about the stiffest challenges marketers have to face every day. Is there anyone of these that you faced personally? How did you overcome it? 1. How Do You Use SEO To Catch […]

10 Marketers’ Challenges And How To Deal With Them

marketers' challenges

Marketers’ are facing new challenges every day. Doing marketing is exciting, but you need to adapt yourself continuously. What stress! There are several ways to overcome the difficulties you can face, and we know this is a picture that a lot of professionals know even too well. There are several of them, from picking the […]

5 Content Curation Answers In A Tweet

digest content curation

By now, we know that content curation is one of the essential elements of a whole digital strategy.However, there might still be a lot of questions about it. Doubts about its importance, the strategy to adopt and legal issues! Typical questions about content curation for marketing are: What is content curation marketing?What is content curation […]