5 Marketers’ Challenges Answers In A Tweet

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Here it is another Friday and, with it, our weekly GhostWriter Digest. Today we will give you some opinions about our last article about the stiffest challenges marketers have to face every day. Is there anyone of these that you faced personally? How did you overcome it? 1. How Do You Use SEO To Catch […]

3 KPIs Answers In A Tweet

Digest KPI

This week we have discussed KPIs. We explained how crucial they are and how to pick the perfect one for your business. However, as always, there still are a lot of questions about them! Who can answer them better than experts like you? We took inspiration from 3 tweets about KPIs from respected marketing specialists […]

How To Identify Your Social Media KPIs


Which KPIs are you considering for your social media strategy? Do you measure your key performances?KPI for marketing is the way to measure if you are reaching your goals. They indicate how well your organization is meeting its goals. Are you good at this? How do you create a KPI? What is a good KPI?Which […]