Persone, acquisti, marketing e pandemia: strategia per il nuovo

Customer behaviour e pandemia

Persone, acquisti e pandemia sono un trio pericoloso per il marketing. La customer behaviour è diversa. Tutto sembra diverso. Niente è più come prima. Brand, centri commerciali, ristoranti, tutte le aziende hanno bisogno di adattarsi al cambiamento. Com’è cambiato il consumer behaviour? Possiamo progettare approcci innovativi? Oppure è tutto finito, e ora possiamo tranquillizzarci e […]

How to use machine learning to market the Gen Z

How to use machine learning to market Gen Z

Marketing evolves and adapts to its consumers, and it is what’s happening with the so-called Gen Z. Strategies and tactics for sales don’t have to adapt only to target, clusters and buyer personas, but also to generations. Every one of them lives and sees the world differently compared to the previous ones, and marketing has […]

How customer behavior can help your marketing strategy

customers behavior

What is customer behavior? Imagine starting a normal day. You stop the alarm from your smartphone, then you drag yourself to the bathroom. Here, you will brush your teeth with that new fluorine toothpaste, then have a shower with a vanilla-scented shampoo. Then you have your breakfast: a cup of your favorite coffee blend with […]

The Flash “How to” for your B2B Content Marketing

b2b content marketing

B2B Content Marketing is hugely different from that for B2C businesses. B2C includes showing popular products that can have their best users. You can do a lot of social activities with an appealing nut cream or tasty biscuits. Attention, please! I’m not saying that it is easy going.  B2C marketing strategy requires as much effort […]

Smart Marketing Strategies In Coronavirus Times

marketing during coronavirus

Marketing in Coronavirus Times is getting more difficult than ever. The virus affected not only people and healthcare but it also profoundly changed the way brands think about marketing and communication and deal with them. Marketers have to rethink their marketing strategies. The emergency is changing everything and, in particular, is forcing us to re-think […]

Why AI Will Empower Your Advertising Strategy

AI and advertising

Data rule the advertising world. If you are a marketer, you know that a good idea and a smart campaign are also due to the correct interpretation of different sets of data. On the other side, if you do not analyze your results, you are probably wasting time and money. Data-driven strategies are one of […]

3 AI-Powered Video Content Strategies That Work

Video content strategy

For a few years, every year is “the video marketing year.” Video marketing has a huge part in marketing strategies. But what’s going to happen when we combine video marketing with Artificial Intelligence? How can AI help to do better with video strategy? We’re going to tell you in this article, so follow us to […]