3 Ads And AI Answers In A Tweet

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Have you ever used Artificial Intelligence to boost your advertising campaigns? AI in advertising is becoming more and more popular and common. Data and automation can help your marketing to spread its wings and fly because of several techniques and possibilities that machines allow to try. In today’s digest, we consider three tweets about as […]

7 Ways AI Can Boost Your Adv

AI and adv

Artificial Intelligence (AI) boosts your Adv activity, and it is already showing results. It is no more a “maybe one day,” but “how to take that advantage today.” Really. Do you want to know how to improve the efficacy of your online ad campaigns? Then, the solution to get better results from digital advertising today […]

How Predictive Analysis Can Skyrocket Marketing Strategies

predictive analysis

Can you predict the future? Decision making may be a tough business. At least once, we have been stuck between many options, uncertain of what to do. In the marketing field, it happens very often. Marketers have to make tons of decisions every day. Many of them could be crucial for the success of the […]