Marketing Automation: How AI Improves Our Marketing Strategies

AI and marketing

When we login to our bank account, reserve a table at our favourite restaurant via Messenger and send (or receive) the last newsletter from that interesting blogger, we enter in a Marketing Automation funnel. More of that, in most recent time, Marketing Automation is taking advantage of additional power thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Many marketing […]

AI and Retail: How the Game is Changing

Automation and retail

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the Retail adding new spices. We always say that Artificial Intelligence is pervasive and connects many aspects of our daily life. It might seem quite weird. Probably we don’t fully realize it by walking in the street. However, yes, the retail field is deeply bound to Artificial Intelligence in many […]

Retail And AI: Revolution Of A Field

AI is changing the retail world diffusely and profoundly. It’s possible to say that retail is going to be entirely changed by Artificial Intelligence. Numbers and data are a significant asset to have a path to reach business goals on a quality and quantity basis. Let’s find out how! Is AI Changing Retail? The answer […]