Emoji prediction task: The validity of word vectors over time

emoji prediction task

This document describes our system’s results in the evaluation campaign on the prediction of Emoji in Italian, organized in the context of EVALITA 20181 (Ronzano et al., 2018). Given the text of a tweet in Italian, the task is to predict the emoji most likely associated with that tweet among the 25 emojis selected by […]

LSTMs for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis task

LSTM sentiment analysis

In identifying the different emotions present in a review, it is necessary to distinguish the single entities present and the specific semantic relations. The number of reviews needed to have a complete dataset for every single possible option is not predictable. The approach described starts from studying the aspect and later the polarity and creating […]

Generating new Tweets to Classify SardiStance Political Tweets

Classify Political Tweets

Understanding the events and the dominant thought greatly helps convey the desired message to our potential audience, be it marketing or political propaganda. Succeeding while the event is still ongoing is of vital importance to prepare alerts that require immediate action. A micro message platform like Twitter is the ideal place to read a large […]

Zero-Shot and ONNX to Speed up BERT on Sentiment Analysis Tasks

AI sentiment analysis BERT

Sentiment Analysis leveraging BERT power – With the arrival of BERT in 2018, NLP research has taken a significant step forward. However, the necessary computing power has grown accordingly. Various distillation and optimization systems have been adopted but are costly in terms of cost-benefit ratio. The most important improvements are obtained by creating increasingly complex […]