How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

Everybody knows that to shine on social networks, you need to create dozen of social posts. You have to post regularly and being consistent in your social media strategy. People want variety and value. To create a Social Media Plan that works, you have to be consistent and post regularly.  In this post, I will […]

How to Create a Powerful Strategic Editorial Calendar

Strategic editorial calendar

A Strategic Editorial Calendar is handy to schedule how to publish and spread your content according to your overall digital strategy. Wonderful, right? Imagine this scenario. It’s Monday morning. You wake up, go to work, and you know what is going to happen on your social media for the entire week. The main strategic line […]

3 Tweets That Show You Why Social Media Strategy Is Important

digest social media strategy

We just discovered how and why a proper social media strategy is one of the most crucial achievements you have to obtain. It is a complex and fascinating road that will make you more aware of your brand, your voice, and even your customers. If you want to know our ten steps to create the […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy: 10 Steps to Win

social media strategy

Having a Social Media Strategy is essential. If you have a product to launch on social media or you want to make your online presence more reliable, you need to create a social media marketing strategy.What is that? Well, it’s a plan. A social media plan that wins the hearts and the minds of attracting […]

Why Social Media Monitoring can boost your strategy

Social monitoring

Recently we have discovered how to create a buyer persona, and we have found out why Social Listening is such an essential tool for your digital strategy. We have also learned that Social Listening is often mistaken for Social Media Monitoring while they’re two distinct disciplines. Let’s unveil all the secrets of Social Monitoring with […]

A Better (buyer) Persona Using AI

buyer personas

Creating a fitting Buyer Persona is a delicate yet critical moment during the creation of a marketing strategy. It’s a work that needs precision and knowledge of the market, the consumer and the product. To create the best personas ever, Artificial Intelligence can have a prominent role. Let’s find out how. What are Buyer Personas? […]