Come fidelizzare con le emozioni la target audience

Fidelizzare la target audience con le emozioni

Come puoi guadagnare la fedeltà della tua target audience usando le emozioni? Vai dritto al cuore, connettiti con le persone. Se entri nei loro cuori, guadagnerai anche la loro fedeltà. Come marketer, dobbiamo capire il nostro target di riferimento a un livello più profondo. Studiare e capire le emozioni della target audience è essenziale per […]

Target audience: cos’è, dov’è e come trovarla

Target audience

Quando si parla di Target Audience, c’è sempre molta confusione. Lavorando duramente per identificare il giusto target e veicolare il giusto messaggio, abbiamo sviluppato uno schema per mostrare al cliente qual è la differenza. Come professionista del marketing, devi sicuramente affrontare la stessa cosa. Molti brand non sono consapevoli di cosa sia un pubblico e […]

Consumer behavior pandemic: how to market this new world?

consumer behavior pandemic covid marketing

Consumer behavior during pandemic COVID-19 is driving brands crazy. Everything looks changed. The old way is over. Brands, shopping centers, restaurants, all categories need an alignment to the shift. What is the change in consumer behavior? Can we design new directions to approach? Is everything over, and now we can sit down and make the […]

How to Drive Loyalty with Target Audience Emotions

target audience emotions analysis

How can you earn the loyalty of your target audience using emotions? Go straight to their heart. In other words, connect with them. If you enter their heart, you also win their loyalty. As marketers, we have to understand our target audience on a deeper level. For example, the only way you can touch the […]

Content Marketing ROI: How to Point in the Right Direction

Content Marketing ROI

Content Marketing ROI is the most crucial thing in any content marketing strategy. Here at Ghostwriter AI, we’re committed to the smart and active social media content strategy. First, bring results. Second, results have to be measured. Otherwise, they are just fancy ideas. Last, with a bottom-up approach, you need to optimize what you and […]

Target Audience: What is the Your Best One (and Where is It)

what is your best target audience

When it comes to talking about Target Audience, I always found a lot of confusion. Because I work hard to identify the right audiences and deliver the right message, I’ve developed my schema to show the customer what the difference is. As a marketing professional, you surely have to face the same. Many brands are […]

AI Marketing Personalization: How To Get The Most From It

AI Marketing Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing personalization is moving forward fast, and I want to share my knowledge in the field. AI algorithms do the dirty job. Marketers orchestrate the strategy and taste the juicy fruit of tailor-made communication without manual effort. It is more than six years now from the exact time I have decided […]

Audience Segmentation: how AI improve personalisation

Segmentation and AI

AI-based technologies improve audience segmentation. A well-tailored segmentation and, by consequence, good personalization is one of the most useful marketing techniques you can use for your business. Ok, fine, we need a selected audience for our products and, most of all, our ads campaigns. Moreover, you know what? You guessed it: Artificial Intelligence can be […]