Target Market Analysis

Take your custom target market analysis. Point your marketing and sales to high performing audiences.
target market analysis


Target Market Analysis provides relevant consumer data behaviors

Set measurable GOALS that drive your sales

Point to higher leads acquisition rates, lower acquisition costs, or new audience reach. You set goals. We give you data.

Get CUSTOMER MODELS that works for you

No longer rely on generic audience solutions, but on customer models shaped to give you actionable insights.

Test and improve with fresh BEHAVIORAL DATA

Leverage your consumer behavior data trends to reach new audiences with optimized content and products.


delivery & Better Time to Market

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saved from market analysis costs

Target Market Analysis Features

Demographic Analysis

Know about gender, age, language, and country. Use that info to target your audience better.​​

Image Recognition

Recognize elements in a photo and classify them. Quickly identify objects, places, people, and more.

Psychographic Analysis

Get insights from data. Retrieve topics, interests, and active search that people love. Match expectations.​​​

Topic detection

Understand what a text is talking about. Automatically classify and tag content.
Useful to organize elements.

Trend Detection

Discover when a new topic is rising in popularity to expect people's behaviors. Useful for strategic decisions.​​

Text analysis

Identify elements, like purchasing intent, interests, and opinions, from different text sources​.

Personality Recognition

Recognize your audience's personality. Discover and manage arousal emotions. Use them to engage it more.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand and classify opinions about from written or spoken language.
Improve your services.

Entity Recognition

Recognize entities (people, time, date, places, brands, and more) in a text and classifies them.

Target Market Analysis data to Win Better Customers

Let us to help you

Faster and Cheaper Target Market Analysis

We help brands to create the right type of content, increase engagement, sales, and profits.
Get your custom target market analysis faster. Point your marketing and sales to high performing audiences.
Ghostwriter AI helps you make your target market analysis faster and cheaper. Traditional market research takes months. Marketing reports fro research institutes are expensive.
Market research initiatives are challenging. There is a lack of knowledge about which channels the target audience interacts with. Tracking is crucial to understand the market.
Be sure you are following your prospects’ needs.
Thus, allow your brand to gain interest from your target market. So, you reach a better audience and maximize your marketing and sales efforts.

The process toward your better target audience

First, understand them to achieve their attention.
Then, use the right words to create content that they want to consume.
Finally, measure your results and use new fresh data to improve your process.
We support your company to earn accurate and scalable info.
Thus, you win a customized system trained on your needs.